“Thai Spa” aromatic Foot Massage Oil from “House of Thai Herb & Beauty” is wonderfully soothing for relief of stress, improving circulation, softening the skin, and helping slough off dry skin. Pure Peppermint essential oil added to a synergy of base oils which are readily absorbed, yet remain on the skin long enough to be an effective foot massage.

This oil is not only a must for sports people but for anybody who is on their feet all day. It relieves sore muscles which are in need of a soothing massage and warms sore feet. Experience the pleasure of an aromatherapy massage to your feet, enjoy the aromas as you relax and unwind and feel your feet come back to life as the cooling effect of the Peppermint stimulates and eases your tired and aching feet. Use “Thai Spa” aromatic Foot Massage Oil to keep your feet cool and smelling sweet.

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  “Thai Spa” Foot Massage Oil