Aromatherapeutic massage is the application and spreading of oils over the body. It has a positive effect on muscle tone; it stimulates the circulation of blood and lymphatic systems which in turn increases the oxygen and supply of nutrients to the body tissues, making breathing easier. It will assist in removing impurities and toxins more efficiently and help activate nerve endings. Massage relaxes the mind, reduces fatigue and improves bodily alignment and posture.

What is applied onto the skin is absorbed into the body so we here at “House of Thai Herb & Beauty” endeavour to keep our products we offer as natural as possible, furthermore we are constantly striving to improve and make available the highest quality aromatherapy and herbal products on the market.

Our Aromatherapeutic Massage Oils are no exception and we are therefore proud to introduce a luxurious oil in our “Thai Spa” collection, where the principal base oil is Jojoba with the addition of some Sweet Almond Oil, nutrient enriched Rice Bran Oil and Vitamin E, then infused with various pure essential oils. A wonderfully nourishing treat for your skin, these oils are perfect for and recommended for either massage or adding to bath water, either choice providing an emollient which will soften and moisturise your skin.

For energy and the mind, aromatherapy and massage, are paramount for good health where aromatic oils from the herbal essences are able to transport one to a world of relaxation.

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