One of our elements is the sun, and strong sun radiation can have adverse effects on unprotected skin, such as too strong development of melanin, development of free radicals, loss of moisture, early aging. With regular use of “Perlamar Whitener” the skin becomes tighter, lighter and has more charisma and freshness.

The basis of “Perlamar Whitener Extract” derives from plant extracts from tropical countries, such as Africa, which are combined with vitamin A+E+C, Liposome and Caviar extract. This precise combination helps to regulate the melanin syntheses, by impeding the melanin syntheses through the enzymatic system of the plant and vitamin combination. The UVA/UVB filter combination in cream and care emulsion impedes the new development of pigments on sun influence. Caviar, natural plant oil and vitamin extracts give the skin a fresh look. The skin becomes lighter, tighter and gets a fresh look.

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