Cleansing and care for oily, acne and problem skin.

Normalisante was developed primarily to help preventing skin problems arising in connection with oily, acne and problem skin types – shiny, oily patches, enlarges pores, blackheads, spots, reddening.

Due to the balanced combination of the ingredients with an active complex substance for the reduction of the sebaceous gland secretion, it forms a careful combination of a care method with a wide spectrum of effects.

  • The relief and releasing of the skin’s surface from irritating substances
  •  Normalisation of the sebaceous gland secretions

A care treatment can only be successful if the Normalisante method is carried out correctly. An important note is at the beginning of any treatment there has to be daily, careful cleansing so as to eliminate decomposed sebaceous gland secretions and metabolic substances & dead cells for the skin to become clean and free from impurities.

The combination of active substances contained in the Normalisante products regulates these sebaceous gland secretions and normalises the skin.

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