“Sukhothai” Luxury Bath Salt with Collagen from “House of Thai Herb & Beauty” is the ultimate in luxury, rich in minerals and differing significantly with other Bath Salt due to a substantially increased amount of additional moisturizer plus a 3% content of quality Marine Collagen infused with essential oils for a natural aromatherapy effect. It is accepted that warm water will cause unnecessary loss of the skin’s natural oils; therefore in helping to overcome this, “Sukhothai” Luxury Bath Salt is prepared in such a way to replenish much of the moisture loss from the skin immediately after soaking. One final benefit is the content of an AHA exfoliator which loosens the dead layers of your skin, drawing out toxins and other impurities, as well as boosting the skin’s moisture holding cells, thus speeding up skin renewal.

You will therefore enjoy the advantages of aromatherapy, skin Moisturising, and cleansing simultaneously, also the aromatic and therapeutic qualities of your bath will be significantly enhanced which will relax, energize and soothe, subsequently calming the nervous system as well as reviving the spirit.

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