Nourishing the skin after cleansing is essential so as to return moisture back into the skin. Pamper your skin with a nourishing and conditioning combination of a nutrient-rich formula containing natural oils to re-hydrate and leave the skin without an oily residue. The “Sukhothai” Collection from “House of Thai Herb & Beauty” is a unique blend, enriched with moisturisers, which is quickly absorbed to replenish dry skin where moisture is needed. Your skin will be left rejuvenated, delicately perfumed and feeling silky soft.

A selection of 5 aroma synergies containing pure essential oils are complimented by 4 most sought after and exciting fragrances.

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  Citrus Body Lotion
  Energizing Body Lotion
  Fresh Mint Body Lotion
  Fruity Body Lotion
  Green Tea Body Lotion
  Relaxing Body Lotion
  Rose Body Lotion
  Sweet Lavender Body Lotion