Whilst scrub is meant to be a process of removing dead skin cells so as to allow the new skin to emerge, this delicate process also exposes the new skin to the risk of free radicals. Using ‘After Scrub’ from the “Sukhothai” collection is an important treatment as it provides the new skin with an immediate protective shield. This moisturising ‘After Scrub’ contains Vitamin E enriched natural oils to provide nutrients to the young skin. Grapefruit essential oil is added to enhance the anti-bacterial effect and Shea butter to hydrate, soften and smooth the skin. The skin will look very natural, healthy and be left with a silky feel after use.

Application: When using as an after-scrub protectant, apply immediately following rinsing the scrub or use as a daily natural skin replenishment by applying immediately after bathing, then towel dry.

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  Moisturising After Scrub