Overexposure to the elements, either heat or cold can cause the skin on your body to become dry, scaly and flaky. The skin is composed of multiple layers, the outer layer being the superfluous dead area. Showering and bathing will clean away surface dirt, but the outer layer remains as a rough and flaky layer. The “Sukhothai” collection of Sugar Body Scrubs will remove this dry and flaky dead skin, making room for new skin that is silky soft, at the same time the sugar providing the graininess necessary to polish the skin.

The essential oils used, blended with Olive Oil and Honey in the Luxury Soft Whispering Mint will provide a wonderful fragrance and dependent upon which essential oil, can stimulate, refresh, relieve stress and fatigue, help heal minor inflammations, to name just a few of their qualities. All of our scrubs are gentle enough to use as often as you wish over your entire body or just certain areas and will exfoliate, hydrate and enrich your skin whilst increasing blood circulation and stimulating the elimination of toxins.

These Body Scrubs are an excellent and luxurious way to pamper oneself, and relieve day to day stress; therefore we hope you enjoy their many qualities.

The “Sukhothai” collection of Sugar Body Scrub comes in a selection of beautiful ceramic containers, hand crafted in Thailand to compliment your bathroom or home spa which will adorn your home for years to come.

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