House of Thai Herb & Beauty Conditioning shampoo is a superior quality conditioning shampoo that gently cleanses whilst imparting strength, dramatically increasing manageability and shine, giving body, bounce and softness to normal dry hair

Its ultra rich luxurious formulae contains a complex combination of moisture balancing conditioners, pure natural extracts, humectants and mild cleansers to perform and help protect throughout the day in addition to leaving the hair and scalp energised, healthy, refreshed and manageable. Experience the fragrance of the rich creamy lather, appreciate the extra sheen, elasticity and softness that you will experience and float in a world of pure pleasure.

Preparation – Preparation is of great importance, particularly for people with longer hair, therefore before wetting, it is best to detangle as much of the hair as possible, as shampooing without will only make the hair become more tangled. We would recommend using a wide toothed comb; run it through your hair, starting at the ends and working your way towards the scalp. Before applying shampoo, make sure that your hair is as wet as possible using warm water. The wetter your hair, the less shampoo you will need.

Shampoo - Pour the shampoo into your hands and rub them together, then apply the shampoo evenly over your head. Use your fingertips to carefully massage the entire scalp area. To achieve best results, the shampooing and lathering should take about three minutes. If you wash your hair daily then you should only lather once, if however you do not wash daily then you should lather twice.

Rinsing - A common cause of dull hair is inadequate rinsing; you cannot over rinse so make sure that you rinse thoroughly. Rinsing is more than just about removing the lather, it is important also removing any impurities.

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