The “Royal Siam” Collection of Dry Scrub from “House of Thai Herb & Beauty” will allow you to enjoy the exquisite pleasure of blending your own special formulation of Green Tea Scrub or Coffee Scrub.

It can be blended with Honey, Yogurt, Milk, Massage Oil, or Mineral Water to serve ones own preference of skin treatment. When used in the spa, “Royal Siam” Dry Scrub provides the spa with a special menu which can be customized to serve individual clients preferences. It is also an ideal menu for natural treatment, since the scrub can be kept dry and blended fresh. Two types are available, Green Tea and Cappuccino.

“Royal Siam” Green Tea Dry Scrub contains fresh premium Japanese Green Tea enriched with Beta Carotene, Vitamin A, and Vitamin K. Besides being a powerful anti-oxidant to fight against free-radicals and early wrinkles, It also contains micro crystal beads, scrubbing and Moisturising sugar which will gently slough off the dead skin cells; and Collagen which will replenish the skin’s moisture content. Our recommendation is blending with massage or a carrier oil to enhance the quality of the Green Tea Scrub.

“Royal Siam” Cappuccino Dry Scrub uses high quality aromatic coffee, fine scrubbing and Moisturising sugar, micro crystal beads and Collagen. It is a recommended menu for skin detoxifying and stress relief. The fresh natural coffee will boost the metabolism of the skin cells to increase the blood circulation and help eliminate toxins from the skin. Our recommendation is blending with cold yogurt or milk to enhance the quality of the Cappuccino Scrub.

Mix “Royal Siam” Dry Scrub with Honey, Yogurt, cold Milk, Massage Oil, or Mineral Water, until the scrub becomes slightly sticky and not too liquid.

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