'House of Thai Herb & Beauty Shower Gel' is naturally good for your skin with built-in emollients that will leave your skin clean, fresh and soft.

Invigorate the senses and mind by rubbing on this rich creamy soap, then feel the penetrating oils working their way into your skin. The initial aroma shocks the body, however the deep cleansing and exfoliating properties refreshes, re-invigorates, and re-energises, leaving you feeling on top of the world all day long and smelling even better. For lots of fragrant bubbles, add some of our luxurious cleansing gel to running bath water.  The Royal Siam collection of Bath & Shower Gel from 'House of Thai Herb & Beauty' is everything all in one. Make your selection from a selection of Citrus Fruits, Fresh Mint, Herbal assortment and a natural old favourite, Lavender.

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  Citrus Bath & Shower Gel
  Energizing Bath & Shower Gel
  Fruits of Thailand Bath & Shower Gel
  Green Tea Bath & Shower Gel
  Relaxing Bath & Shower Gel
  Romantic Rose Bath & Shower Gel
  Stimulating Bath & Shower Gel