Bath teas and Herbal baths have been traditionally used for restorative purposes for hundreds of years by Thailand’s elite. Carefully selected herbs blended with moisturizers which include both quality Marine Collagen and Sucrose infused with essential oils provide a perfect choice for those who seek a completely relaxing herbal bath after a long stressful day.

The “Royal Siam” collection of Bath teas from ‘House of Thai Herb & Beauty’ will help maintain and improve healthy skin, relieve pain and anxiety, reduce stress, and can assist in replenishing energy. Both bath tea formulae in our “Royal Siam” collection, Kaffir Lime and Plai, have been developed from old traditional Thai recipes.

Once fully dissolved in your warm bath water, inhale through the mist of the warm herbal bath, the essential oils from the herbs; also feel them penetrate through the open pores of the skin where they will deliver maximum therapeutic benefit.

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  Kaffir Lime Herbal Bath Tea
  Plai Herbal Bath Tea