Made from 100% Raw Cane Sugar, Sweet Caramel Body Scrub from the “Royal Siam” Collection of “House of Thai Herb & Beauty” is truly a magnificent dessert for your body. Scientifically, brown sugar is one of the most enriched sources of skin nutrient, with vitamin B1, B2 B6 and vitamin C, sugar is also less abrasive than salt, as well as being a natural exfoliator suitable for virtually every skin type.

This ultra-luxurious formula is especially recommended for extra skin hydration, requiring just gentle scrubbing to exfoliate dead skin cells, moisturise, cleanse and polish the skin. Sweet Caramel Scrub contains Orange essential oil to assist in promoting spiritual revival and refresh, whilst the sweet caramelizing aroma will be gently released so as to enhance its therapeutic value.

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  Sweet Caramel Body Scrub