Mission , Philosophy and Commitment

House of Thai Herb & Beauty Limited is a first class Thai company, whose objective is to excel in developing and designing innovative, creative, and culturally diverse concepts for world class international spas and discerning retail outlets, providing both the consumer and the beauty professional with quality and excellent value for money.

We are committed to, and take pride in providing a select range of Spa, Aromatherapy and Body Care products of unparalleled quality that are characterised by their use of high quality, mostly indigenous ingredients, proven to assist promote health and natural beauty. Our collections use pure botanical and essential oils, plant extracts, the finest herbs and natural vitamins and minerals. We believe in presenting our customers with full information on both products and ingredients in a professional and responsible manner.

As our conception is to offer finely crafted products at each and every juncture when assembling our collections, we employ the use of traditional methods and craftsmanship to create and achieve present day standards and requirements so as to assure the survival of age old traditions. Our collections are infused with a unique element, the clear sense that the craftsman’s hand has been at work.

Our belief in the value of preserving these generations of old skills is in the knowledge that our beautifully made Celadon stoneware oil jars and containers, not forgetting also the magnificent hand crafted Thai silk gift boxes which contain these fine pieces of Celadon command a higher and special level of awareness, appreciation and compassion. Each piece exemplifies these principles.

House of Thai Herb & Beauty is committed to being socially and environmentally responsible and to practicing strong ethical principles. We are totally against any form of animal testing and never would we supply products associated with such testing. Neither would we knowingly supply any product made from an endangered species of plant or herb. Wherever possible, recycled and compostable packaging is also used.

Furthermore, we have a highly motivated team of experienced professionals who have a proven track record and are at your disposal to offer guidance and advise in planning your spa from conception, including; overall strategic planning, preparation of business plans, operational aspects, proposing a selection of suggested programmes and signature designed treatments to international expectations and the recruitment and training of the right team players at every level.

Our Signature of Excellence is our name.