the finest aromatherapy products from Thailand


A very warm welcome to House of Thai Herb & Beauty, a name you will find synonymous with the very best of advanced skincare formulations combined with the total spa and aromatherapy experience.

Enter into a heavenly serenity where a fusion of product philosophy has been designed to help you care for mind and body holistically and sensuously. Where true luxury sometimes seems pleasure beyond price, here at House of Thai Herb & Beauty it is at an affordable price.

Ultimately our aim is to supply only products that are 100% sourced naturally and many of our products are now just that, with no synthetic additives or unfriendly ingredients (some do contain minimal amounts of synthetic composites, such as preservatives, however these are clearly labelled.)

By using pure botanical and essential oils, plant extracts, the finest of herbs, natural vitamins and minerals in almost all products, House of Thai Herb & Beauty offers more than just a product range - We bring you a way of life [more]