Q10 is a natural skin substance which protects and stimulates the biological functions of the skin. With Perlamar Q10 Extrait de Caviar care system, the ability of the cells to regenerate themselves is influenced and the protective function, especially against “free radicals” is heightened, also the likelihood of any new formation of lines will decrease and the intensity of such lines would be reduced. This combination of Extrait de Caviar gives the skin a unique Anti-aging.

A cream with a vital function – offering protection against negative environmental effects, heightened protection against ‘free radicals’ and a reduction in the formation of wrinkles. Elasticity and softness of the skin is also improved.

After cleansing with Perlamar Cleanser + Tonic”, massage Perlamar Q10 Extrait de Caviar “Day and Night Cream” into the skin morning and evening.

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