‘Tamarind’ Cream Scrub comes from natural and pure Tamarind, a dark brown Thai sour fruit which is well accepted for its natural whitening effect, fresh Papaya extract with Papain enzymes and Mineral Oil. Tamarind is well known for its AHA and Malic Acid content, which are natural whitening substances Tamarind is also a good source of Vitamin C which contributes to the restoration and the strengthening of the skin cell tissues. Besides having a cooling effect which tones down the skin, ‘Tamarind’ additionally provides anti-septic qualities to help treat some mild skin infections. With ‘Tamarind’ Scrub Cream from the “‘Thai Spa’” Collection of “Thai Herb & Beauty”, the Papaya extract from fresh green Papaya will work on the skin exfoliation whilst the ‘Tamarind’ essence will naturally and gradually help to whiten the skin complexion when used regularly. This natural ‘Tamarind’ Body Scrub contains no artificial colour or fragrance, the mild cream aroma comes from natural ‘Tamarind’ essence. ‘Tamarind’ is suitable for all skin types.

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