For centuries, coffee has been used to detoxify and alleviate distress; therefore, one of the best choices is “‘Thai Spa’” Cappuccino Cream Scrub from “House of Thai Herb & Beauty” for detoxifying the skin. It contains Ground Natural Coffee, Papain enzymes from the tropical green Papaya and Mineral Oil to replenish and restore the new skin. Whilst the ground coffee and the micro beads are gently exfoliating the dead skin surface, the scrub process will allow the ground coffee to slowly release it natural curing and protective properties which will work as an active antioxidant to combat free radicals in the skin, as well as help to get rid of skin discoloration. Natural caffeine in the coffee will help to detoxify the skin, improve skin metabolism, and encourage better blood circulation.

‘Cappuccino’ Cream Scrub from the “‘Thai Spa’” Collection will stimulate, refresh and arouse all the senses. After massaging and letting the ‘Cappuccino’ Cream Scrub remain on the skin for a few minutes, you will find that it is truly an invigorating and rejuvenating experience. ‘Cappuccino’ Cream Scrub is suitable for all skin types.

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