‘‘Coconut’’ Cream Scrub contains high mineral oil content for skin nutrition, Papain enzymes from Papaya extract, ‘Coconut’ Milk which is full of Palmitic Acid and Lauric Acid, as well as small granulates of natural ‘Coconut’ meat to increase exfoliation.

‘Coconut’ milk, having a small molecule structure by nature, will penetrate with ease into the various skin layers to restore the skin condition and will treat possible skin inflammation from a bacterial or viral source. Whilst the ‘Coconut’ milk is working on the skin condition, the natural ‘Coconut’ granulates, together with the micro beads will work gently to exfoliate the mature skin cells without causing irritation. Papain enzymes from Papaya extract will enhance the natural exfoliation by digesting dead skin cells and eliminating the skin impurities to allow the new skin complexion to reveal its youth. In Thailand, for many years, the oil and milk from ‘Coconut’ has been well recognized for its versatile medicinal values, ranging from pain relief to body and facial skin care. ‘‘Coconut’’ Cream Scrub from the “‘Thai Spa’” Collection, with its extra hydration properties is best recommended for dry skin which needs to be restored and rejuvenated.

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